SVP/ VP / Managing Consultant
A proven Fortune 500 technology leader with more than 12 years of experience, Mr. Kansal is widely respected for his leadership and acumen in technology management.

He has enjoyed a fast-track career with Infosys (NASDAQ: INFY), a company that has grown 70-fold during Mr. Kansal's tenure, from $70 million to $5 billion annual revenue and over 100,000 employees.  Mr. Kansal has managed key portfolios for such well-known firms as Citigroup, Capital One, Northern Trust, Royal Bank of Canada, DHL, GMO LLC, Staples and NIIT. He rapidly rose through the ranks as Developer, Designer, Analyst, Project Manager, Program Manager, Account Manager, and Senior Program Manager. He has been responsible for P&L for an $11.8 million portfolio.

Mr. Kansal has a passion for analytical analysis and technology. He has had the distinction of scoring a perfect 800/800 score on GRE's Analytical Ability and Quantitative tests. Over the past 12 years, he has utilized his unique talents and blue chip management background with major corporations in leading midsize and large programs to success. He has improved IT effectiveness, reduced costs, and streamlined operations in a wide range of situations.

Mr. Kansal is skilled in all areas of IT governance. He possesses richly varied P&L experience and has consistently met and exceeded company objectives by achieving double-digit gains in revenues and profits. He has been successful in developing domestic and global operations, identifying opportunities for improvement and building strong relationships with stakeholders. Having broad international experience, Mr. Kansal has worked in 5 countries and managed teams based out of multiple countries around the world.


Senior Program Manager,
Citigroup Inc. 2008-2009

For a brief period Mr. Kansal had the opportunity to serve as Senior Program Manager for Citigroup's Corporate Services Division. He generated 20% cost savings through instituting a quality assurance process for Agile projects that created new opportunities within Citigroup. 

Over a three month period, he grew the Quality Assurance COE by more than 200% from 10 FTE to 30 FTE, laying down new processes, shoring up existing contracts, introducing SLAs, and promoting services. He personally directed senior project managers and promotional efforts involving new pursuits.

Senior Program Manager, Line of Business Manager,
Capital One Financial, 2007-2008

Recruited to revive stagnating sales, Mr. Kansal orchestrated a dramatic turn-around of his portfolio of businesses, cutting TCO by more than 30% and doubling revenues from $5.4 million to $11.8 million. He was able to improve productivity by fine tuning processes and further reduced costs by combining workloads from disparate streams, and made innovative use of Capital One's offsite facilities in Mexico and India.  He gained revenue share from other vendors through strong partnering with client leaders and educating them on the vast breadth of Infosys services. He analyzed and restructured the offsite agile delivery model, improving effectiveness and reducing overhead. Significantly, he developed and sold a multi-million dollar contract that provided data management services under a pay-per-use model. He consolidated eight different contracts based on time and material and fixed price under a single contract.  The contract significantly reduced TCO and created economies of scale that were previously missing. Most importantly, it gave Capital One the flexibility to adjust spending in line with business demand, and in addition it gave them the ability to prioritize budgets across streams that was earlier impossible to achieve.

During his eighteen months at Capital One, Mr. Kansal opened up two new lines of business and expanded Infosys' reach to the UK. He successfully wrote and negotiated contracts with these businesses. He oversaw the development of his entire portfolio and was minutely involved in the day-to-day operations to ensure that customer commitments were met and the ventures were successful.

Additionally, Mr. Kansal improved operating margins for Infosys and achieved zero accounts receivables and zero revenue at risk for his portfolio for four quarters in a row. He was able to improve offshore ratios and improve customer satisfaction at the same time, as well as reduced costs, improved code quality and improved turnaround time by effectively leveraging an extended work day and through innovative distribution of work. 

Mr. Kansal also introduced several key delivery changes utilizing his expertise with SDLC process and the offshore model. He instituted peer reviews for new employees, created a formal program for reusability of artifacts and instituted stronger configuration management practice. 

He revamped the entire Agile delivery model and was able to setup a fully-integrated development centre for Capital One in an existing Infosys facility at Mexico to leverage same time zone advantages and reduce costs.

Account Manager,
Northern Trust Corporation, 2005-2007

Holding complete P&L responsibility for one of the largest global custodians in the U.S., Mr. Kansal turned around an account that was on the verge of failure and shutdown when he assumed leadership.

Along with the account, he took charge of the Infosys team working on Northern Trust's flagship VFO program. The project had already been granted a six month extension. The CIO of Northern Trust and the CEO of Infosys were both personally involved and were tracking status on a weekly basis. Through strong leadership and hands-on management of the troubled project, Mr. Kansal was able to rapidly turn-around the project and deliver it a day ahead of the original schedule.

He continued managing the account for almost two years, during this time he built very strong relationships at the SVP and CXO level, and increased revenue and improved operating margin by more than 100%.

Senior Project Manager,
Infosys Canada, 2000-2005

Mr. Kansal was a key member of the team that setup the Infosys Canada Development Center. He was the only project manager who had prior experience of the offshore delivery model and as a result contributed significantly in instituting CMM Level 5 processes.  He interviewed prospects and made hiring decisions, and was responsible for training, mentoring and performance assessments. He made a key contribution to revenue growth for the center through pre-sales, including material creation and presentation. 

A key win was the Royal Bank of Canada account. He successfully led a pre-engagement requirements analysis and high level architecture team to deliver a highly detailed proposal to RBC to build an e-banking platform for corporate clients. He project managed the first four releases of the program and successfully delivered very complex functionality over the web. It was one of the largest successes for RBC and Mr. Kansal received a personal commendation from the CIO of RBC.

Mr. Kansal grew annual revenue for the RBC account from zero to more than $5 million and in the process opened up several new lines of business including RBC Investments, RBC Insurance and Retail Bank. He managed and successfully delivered more than 20 full life-cycle projects for RBC.

While at Canada, Mr. Kansal managed several projects for other clients, including the development of content-driven intranet and internet websites for GMO LLC ( <>) using Visual Basic .Net and Site Server 3.0 technology, a central MIS reporting facility for Staples Inc using Report2Web, integration of Allstate Auto Insurance with , and the re-write of wrappers for the core title insurance engine for First Canadian Title Insurance Company in VB.Net.

Analyst / Developer,
DHL Asia-Pacific Inc., 1999-2000

Mr. Kansal successfully designed and developed a software product to read and record data from courier handhelds. The product was delivered before time and with quality exceeding CMM Level 5 standards. Won excellence awards from DHL and Infosys for superior product quality.

Early Career, Pre-1997

NIIT Ltd., Trebor Global Pvt. Ltd. and Click Automation Pvt. Ltd. - Associated with software development companies, Mr. Kansal wrote code and designed interfaces in multiple languages including Assembly Language, UNIX Perl, C and VB 5, and also taught C programming, over a two year span.

Education / Awards / Personal

Mr. Kansal was awarded his MBA at the Indian Institute of Management and his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Sciences from Dharwad University in India. He was top 5% of his class in both programs and was class president for three years and president of his college in the final year.  He achieved a perfect score of 800/800 on the GRE Analytical Ability test and also 800/800 in GRE Quantitative.  He was named Outstanding Student for his all-round achievements.

Mr. Kansal is married with a young child. He maintains an active lifestyle and enjoys many activities, including cricket, water-sports, and reading.